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In many ways, enterprise IT is a series of processes. When you streamline those processes by resolving challenges and uncovering the opportunities hidden in systems and people, you’re able to refocus on your core business needs while also maximizing the value of your IT investments. Our IT Managed Services solution, ATS ELEVATE™, takes your IT organization to the next level of efficiency and strategic value.

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IT Consulting

IT support exists to improve business efficiency. Yet without a strategic roadmap built on data-driven insights, your staff can be overworked, spending excessive time putting out “technical fires” instead of being focused on strategic tasks that fulfill core business needs.

ATS ELEVATE™ Consulting is the first step toward transforming your managed services. Our experts have the tools and expertise to methodically assess your entire support operation. We look at your IT support services holistically, identifying improvement areas that will have the greatest impact on employee productivity, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Certified ITIL and Black Belt consultants use recognized Six Sigma statistical methods and ITIL frameworks in project execution.

By partnering with Gartner, ATS consultants use best-in-class tools and technologies to measure, process, and assess your operations against industry benchmarks.

Once areas of improvement are identified, our team goes a step further by providing realistic and achievable implementation steps tailored to your timeline and budget.

ELEVATE will implement your IT managed service program changes as required, enabling you to continue to focus on your core business.

ELEVATE experts don’t simply recommend and leave. We follow up to make sure you experience the results you expect.

Service Desk Management

When a service desk is efficient, its end-users are as well. As an ATS Service Desk customer, you’re given a 24/7/365 team tailored to your users and IT infrastructure. Two geographically diverse U.S. Service Desk Operations Centers serve as single points-of-contact for both phone and email requests. Tickets are fielded by highly-trained, certified career technicians—professionals who own the resolution process from start to close.

Even more, ATS ELEVATE’s successful “shift left” methodology is geared toward continuous service improvement. Using ITIL processes, we review ticket data to identify trends and find appropriate solutions. These and other practices allow us to deliver First Contact Resolution (FCR) performance typically 10 to 15 points above the industry average, and CSAT scores of 98% or greater. In addition, our data-driven optimization of every KPI, from speed-to-answer and abandon rates to FCR, has put ATS at the forefront of the service desk field.

In addition to our two U.S. locations, ATS maintains Tier I-III Service Desk Operations Centers in Mexico, Lisbon, and Singapore for global language support.

Supported by a Cisco Unified Communication network, our systems are designed to scale with no restrictions.

Enabling a global workforce to access and resolve issues quickly and easily.

More than 30 years of experience means ELEVATE Service Desk Management is highly skilled at solutions that solve problems and help IT organizations focus on their core operations.

Client Computing Management

Managing hundreds or thousands of endpoint devices can be the most time-consuming task facing any IT organization. Increasing numbers and types of mobile devices, regulatory concerns, new apps, not to mention the inevitable network and desktop/laptop breakdowns, can strain personnel and divert attention from mission-critical work.

ATS ELEVATE Client Computing Management is the solution. Our skilled and scalable resources are built to handle every aspect of client device maintenance, from onsite and depot repairs to imaging services, IMAC support, device lifecycle management, and much more.

With more than three decades of experience behind us, ATS understands how important smooth upgrades and device/network uptime is to any enterprise. Our approach includes root cause analysis for common issues and continuous improvement strategies to optimize device performance over time.

Vendor-neutral parts and labor support for desktops, laptops, printers, servers and network hardware, along with a number of mobile devices. Includes onsite and dispatched support.

Whether onsite or at our depot, we track and repair hardware per OEM warranties.

Starting with receipt of IT hardware, our depot personnel can perform any aspect of IMAC, followed by deployment to user with brief orientation training.

Includes hardware planning, certifications, image management services (remote or onsite) and management of recovery media.

Systems Performance Management

It’s a fact that, left unmonitored, IT networks and computing devices will inevitably fail. The best line of defense any IT organization can have against unscheduled downtime is world-class, 24/7 monitoring and management.

ATS ELEVATE System Performance Management is far more than an alerting service. Our approach is to align with your most important business initiatives to improve organizational productivity, ensure full network capacity, extend useful asset life, and optimize IT performance.

Using our proven combination of technologies, processes, and highly trained professionals, ATS continuously reviews not only network health, but also device availability, security patches, hardware warranties and the tracking of software inventory. We ensure your infrastructure is online, up to date, within operating parameters, and following industry best practices.

Using highly advanced tools, we follow networks and Windows services, operating systems, applications, and hardware including device availability.

Data collection of networked equipment occurs at pre-determined intervals as often as every 30 seconds.

We catalog make/model/serial number and monitor all warranties, including installed software.

Scheduled and ad hoc operations using Windows System Update Server.